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Structural Standing Seam

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  • Snap lock seam
  • No mechanical seamer needed
  • No screws holes on sheet
  • Panels provide 18” coverage
  • Suited to both Industrial and residential applications
  • Suited for roofing and siding
  • Material - Aluzinc or Galvanized Coated Steel Sheets or Aluminum Sheets
  • Material Finish – mill Finish (Unpainted), Prepainted with Polyester or PVF 2 paint finish
  • Recommended thickness - 26 gauge to 22gauge (0.50mm to 0.80mm)


With Structural Standing Seam, the panel design provides for the securing of a male interlock hem into a female leg. This ensures a continuous secure seam along the full length of the sheet.

These panels are applied and fastened to the purlins or structure by metal clips. This system for allows for installation of the panels without perforation of the sheet ensuring a watertight system and also provides for unrestricted thermal movement with a ¼” clearance between the flat surface of the panel and the purlins or substrate.

Engineering evaluation of this type of Structural Standing Seam Panel met Wind Uplift Class 90 (UL-90) specification under the following conditions:
  • Metal Panels 24 gauge 18” wide, 1 ¾” high snap lock seam panel
  • Standing Seam Metal panels are secured with metal clips 3 ½” wide, 1 15/16” high, 18g coated steel.
  • Clips are to be secured to steel purlins minimum 16 gauge thick at 48” on center intervals.
  • Clips are fastened with Number 10 – 16 x 1” long cadmium plated pancake head #2 Phillip drive, #3 self-drilling point steel screws. With two (2) screws per clip.